Five Reasons Why You Should Chose An Independent Insurance Agent

You have lots of choices when it comes to purchasing insurance. You can hit the internet and spend hours filling out multiple online forms, you can call an insurance company directly, or you can work with an independent agent.

While you have options, the best one is the option that leaves you feeling supported and with quality insurance coverage at an affordable price. That’s what an independent agent does. Here are five reasons that your independent agent will be way better than the other guys.

Reason #1: Because You Can Save Money
Do you know how to save money on your car insurance? Do you understand how much coverage you need on your home or business? In reality, you shouldn’t know these things because that’s what the experts are for.

But saving money on insurance isn’t always an easy task. Insurance companies use complicated algorithms to calculate premiums and it’s an independent agent’s job to understand these calculations and factors. It’s also their job to fully understand your situation so they can find you the most comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate.

Instead of spending hours researching how to save money on your insurance, an agent can help you right from the start.

Reason #2: Because Independent Agents Aren’t Tied to One Insurance Carrier
When researching insurance experts you’ll run into the term independent agent and captive agent. A captive agent is an insurance agent that works for one insurance company. An independent agent represents multiple insurance companies, which means their biggest interest is you, not the carrier.

Independent agents have your best interest in mind. They don’t benefit from the carrier for selling you a policy, they benefit from finding you the insurance coverage you need at an affordable price.

“Insurance companies are competing with each other, and an insurance agent knows it,” explained insurance expert Paul Martin. “Independent agents own your account and make sure you aren’t taken advantage of.”

Reason #3: Because More Options Are Better Than One
There are more than 35,000 independent insurance agents working across the US. There are multiple agents that represent different cities, states, and regions that you get to choose from.

Selecting an independent agent is like starting a relationship. Ideally, you’ll be working with your agent for many years and throughout a variety of situations, so you’ll want someone that you trust and feel understands your insurance needs.

In addition, every agent is an expert in different types of coverage. Whether you’re shopping for homeowners insurance, life insurance, or farm insurance, you’ll have more options to see who you jive with.

Reason #4: Because Agents Can Answer Your Tough Questions
Insurance can be complex. That’s why there are people who get paid to understand it at a level that the average person doesn’t. Sure, you can research questions you have, but the myriad of answers you’ll need to skim through will most likely leave you more confused than when you started.

Independent agents are licensed experts in insurance coverage. They make a living out of understanding all the facets of insurance, including all the secrets to finding adequate coverage, and then relaying that information in understandable terms to their clients.

Reason #5: Because They Always Have Your Back
An agent is your personal insurance advisor and advocate. If you need to upgrade or change your policy, you call your agent. Should you need to file a claim, your agent can help you through the process. They work on your behalf for all of your insurance needs.

The best part is that an agent sticks with you, long after they’ve found you coverage. Having an independent agent is having a lifetime advocate for your insurance. As you grow and change, your agent will review your coverage and make sure you’re always protected.

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