Areas Our Insurance Agency Serves in Naples NC

Welcome to Adams & Brown Insurance Company, your local insurance provider based in Arden, NC. We're excited to bring our comprehensive insurance services to our neighbors in Naples, NC. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized insurance solutions that meet the specific needs of the Naples community.

Naples, NC, nestled in the beautiful landscapes near Asheville, offers its residents a unique blend of rural charm and proximity to bustling city life. Understanding the local area's characteristics allows us to tailor our insurance products effectively to protect what matters most to you.

Insurance Products for Naples, NC Residents

Auto Insurance

Navigate the roads of Naples, NC, with confidence. Our auto insurance plans are designed to offer protection tailored to your driving habits, ensuring you have peace of mind on every trip.

Motorcycle Insurance

For the enthusiasts who love the freedom of the road on two wheels, our motorcycle insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage for you and your motorcycle, ensuring your rides around Naples and beyond are worry-free.

RV Insurance

If you love exploring beyond Naples in your RV, we've got you covered. Our RV insurance options are crafted to protect your home on wheels, wherever your adventures take you.

Watercraft & Boat Insurance

Take advantage of the beautiful waterways near Naples, NC, with our watercraft and boat insurance policies. Enjoy your time on the water knowing you're protected against the unexpected.

Homeowners Insurance

Safeguard your Naples, NC home against unforeseen events with our homeowner’s insurance. We offer robust coverage options for your property and belongings, giving you peace of mind in your sanctuary.

Renters Insurance

For Naples residents renting their homes, our renters insurance provides coverage for your personal belongings and liability protection within your rental unit, ensuring you're protected.

Life & Health Insurance

Invest in your and your family's future with our life and health insurance policies. We offer a safety net that ensures peace of mind for Naples, NC, residents. 

Dental Insurance

Keep your smile bright with our dental insurance plans. Covering both routine and specialized dental care, we make maintaining your oral health in Naples, NC, easier.


Understanding and choosing the right Medicare coverage can be complex. We're here to guide Naples, NC, residents through the process, ensuring you have the coverage that best fits your needs.

Commercial Insurance

We support local businesses in Naples, NC, with our comprehensive commercial insurance solutions, including commercial auto insurance, general liability, and workers' compensation, to protect your business and employees.

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Directions to Our Office in Arden, NC at 2144F Hendersonville Rd. Arden, NC 28704 from Naples, NC:

To reach Adams & Brown Insurance Company, at 2144F Hendersonville Rd, Arden, NC 28704 from Naples, NC just follow these directions;

Starting in Naples, NC:

  1. Begin by taking Naples Rd towards US 25.
  2. Proceed on US 25 North
  3. Turn onto US 25 North/Hendersonville Rd towards Arden. Keep following US 25 North as it guides you through Fletcher and towards Arden. Look out for landmarks to confirm you're on the route
  4. Continue on US 25 North (Hendersonville Rd)
  5. Stay on US 25 North as you pass through Naples and Fletcher. You'll know you're approaching when you start seeing signs for Arden and more businesses along the way.
  6. Arrive at 2144F Hendersonville Rd: Keep straight on US 25 North/Hendersonville Rd. You'll spot 2144F Hendersonville Rd on your right where Adams & Brown Insurance Company is located. Watch for the sign. If you reach Long Shoals Rd intersection you've gone a tad far.

Parking Information:

There's parking available at the site. Once the Adams & Brown Insurance Company sign comes into view, turn into the parking lot with visitor spaces waiting for you.

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If you're unable to visit us in person, no worries! You can easily fill out our online contact form or call us at (828) 681-0790 for a free quote tailored to your needs. Our team is eager to assist you with any questions and help you find the perfect insurance solution for your lifestyle in Naples, NC.